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Main Street Camden Maine
Main Street Rockland Maine
Camden Maine shopping
Featured Businesses

Prism Glass Gallery Prism Glass Gallery & Cafe
Offering a unique setting for fine dining in a nationally known gallery displaying the works of over 85 of the nation’s finest glass artists.
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Michael Good Design Michael Good Gallery
Renowned designer of exquisite handcrafted jewelry and sculpture. Gallery featuring jewelry, arts, and crafts by local, national, and international artists.
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Mainely Pottery Mainely Pottery
Offers excellent handmade pottery from 28 Maine potters. The best selection of Maine-made pottery in the Midcoast region.
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Windjammer Appledore

Windjammer Appledore

Samoset Resort aerial photo

The Windjammer Appledore is a 86-foot schooner sailing from Camden Harbor four times a day. The two-hour trip takes boaters sailing on scenic Penobscot Bay where you will see lighthouses, islands, marine wildlife, coastal mansions, sailboats, yachts and other windjammers.

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The 86-foot Appledore offers two-hour daily cruises of Penobscot Bay from Camden Harbor on the area's largest daysailing schooner.

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Windjammer Appledore

On Bayview Landing next to Camden Town Landing
Phone: 207-236-8353

Mailing Address
3 Lily Pond Dr.
Camden, ME 04843
Email: Click here

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Rockland Maine Area Shopping provides access to handcrafted Maine goods, stunning artwork and specialty gifts

The unique coastal community of Rockland Maine is reflected in its merchant circle of shopping options for local residents and tourists alike. Dotted throughout the waterfront town are a wide variety of shops, ranging from antique stores, art galleries, souvenir shops, jewelers, pet specialty stores, unique children’s stores focused on natural and sustainable products and imaginative toys, as well as retailers that sell an extensive array of home goods and decorative products. If you are a self-declared food enthusiast, Rockland Maine shopping also has plenty of mouthwatering options for you to explore. Local bakeries offer handmade pastries, breads, and desserts made from the freshest of ingredients and most talented Maine bakers. There are also wine shops with skilled staff members to help you choose the perfect wine pairing for your upcoming dinner party, or perhaps help you discover your new favorite brand and flavor.

Just like the lodging amenities and dining options, Rockland Maine shopping truly has something special for every person to discover and enjoy. Whether it is food or coastal décor for your home, and regardless of your budget, there are many opportunities to discover unique and often unexpected items that are perfect for your style. You will truly be amazed at what you can uncover in Rockland Maine.

Business Listing Categories

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Camden Maine Artists empty Artists/Galleries
The breathtaking beauty of the Rockland region has drawn artists from around the country and the world for years. They find incredible inspiration in the ever-changing mood of the sea, the tranquil beauty of Penobscot Bay, the majestic views from Camden Hills and the scenic panorama that only the coast of Maine can offer. Painters, photographers and sculptors, as well as those who create beautiful handcrafted items have gathered to form a significant artists' community in the Rockland Maine area. You are sure to find unique works of art that rival anything found elsewhere in the U.S. or the world.
Artists & Galleries
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Camden Maine Clothing stores   Clothing
How many of us, after settling into our hotel, inn or B&B, yearn to hit all the wonderful specialty shops, unique clothing boutiques and charming novelty stores you probably spied excitedly as you cruised into town through main street and by Rockland Main Street. From ultra chic brands found in NYC or LA to consignment shops carrying current and vintage fashion styles, Rockland has a multitude of fine clothing stores and unique specialty shops to satisfy the clotheshorse in you.
Clothing Stores & Specialty Shops
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Camden Maine Antiques   Furniture/Antiques
Antique shops abound in the Rockland area. Whether you're looking for the classic flea market atmosphere of dozens of vendors inside or outside, or smaller owner operated stores there are a plethora of places to find that long forgotten treasure for you to make your own. And don't forget about furniture. Whether it's a piece you've seen and longed after or your own custom design, the Rockland area has some wonderful furniture stores and craftspeople to help assist you in decorating your home.
Rockland Furniture & Antique Stores
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Camden Maine Jewelers   Jewelers
Buying jewelry is a monumental decision, so you need to make sure that you do it right the first time. You want to make sure that it is something they, or you, are going to love and cherish for a lifetime. Rockland area jewelers present the most beautiful selection of jewelry and can even assist you in that one of a kind custom design. And don't forget to ask the local jewelers about Tourmaline, The Jewel of Maine.
Rockland Jewelers
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Camden Maine gift shops   Gift Shops
Looking for that memento of the perfect vacation in Rockland? From the fun and casual clothing shops to gift shops carrying hand crafted items, there are a number of different shops looking to send you home with memories of your visit to Rockland Maine. If that item is too big, local shopkeepers are happy to have it shipped directly to your home so it arrives safe and sound.
Rockland Gift Shops
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Camden Maine markets   Markets/General Stores
Rockland is home to a number of markets that have just what you need to pop in and get back to your vacation fun. Stocked with local items that are sure to please these small markets help make your stay enjoyable. And if you're renting a home or an efficiency for a few weeks and like the convenience of a "get it all in one place" supermarket, we've got you covered there too!
Rockland Markets & General Stores
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