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Bird Watching in Maine!

Here are some resources and information to help you enjoy birding in Maine:


Puffins in Maine 1. The Maine Birding Trail


2. A Birder's Guide to Maine by Elizabeth Cary Pierson, Peter D. Vickery, Jan E. Pierson is also recommended. Published in 1996, it is a valuable, detailed reference. At 399 pages, this is the most complete resource for finding birds in Maine.


3. Join the maine birding listserv to find out about current bird sightings.


4. Maine Audubon


5. To see what birds are in Maine, you can access the data collected by hundreds of thousands of recreational birdwatchers. This project is run by the Cornell Lab of Ornithology.


6. Bar charts for when species of birds are seen in Maine.


7. This is the chart for all of Maine; you can also see charts for the hotspots in Maine too. 


8. Living on the Wind by Scott Weidensaul (Scott is an instructor in several sessions in 2012 at Maine Audobon)


9. The Mount Battie Motel Birding Guide PDF.


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