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Maine Lobster Festival

Maine Lobster Festival Video

Maine Lobster Festival video

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The Maine Lobster Festival is one of New England's great summer events held annually the first weekend in August in Rockland, Maine.

Maine Lobster Festival

Rockland Harbor Park, Rockland, ME

Held annually, first weekend in August.

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Tons of steamed Maine lobsters. Waterfront activities, maritime displays and demonstrations, Maine arts & crafts, tours on Navy and Coast Guard ships, harbor cruises, contests, giant parade, carnival rides, international lobster crate race and much more.

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Maine Lobster Festival - Celebrating Rockland, Maine’s lobster culture with a five-day food and entertainment festival

Maine Lobster FestivalRockland, Maine is the undisputed home to the lobster. For this reason, it is no wonder that the annual Maine Lobster Festival takes place here every summer. On the Wednesday before the first weekend in August, Rockland transforms into a five-day food and entertainment festival that attracts more than 70,000 lobster-lovers from all over the country.

Obviously, the lobster reigns supreme as the primary focus of the festivities. Each year (since 1991), the Atwood Lobster Company exclusively supplies more than 20,000 pounds of lobster to be prepared. Visitors here can indulge in a freshly caught, freshly prepared lobster under the Maine Eating Tent while enjoying the cool breezes of Penobscot Bay. If you are confident in your lobster preparation skills and feel that your recipe is worth taking notice, you are encouraged to enter the Maine Lobster Festival Seafood Cooking Contest. Winners receive a handsome cash prize, fame, and the honor of victory. If you are not in love with lobster, don’t worry. There are plenty of other food options for you to enjoy here.

Before you indulge in all the food delicacies, work up an appetite by participating in the Maine Lobster Festival Road Race. More than 200 athletes compete in the 10k road race each year, which stretches from Rockland to Rockport. To maintain your momentum, thousands of spectators will be cheering you on through the finish line.

Maine LobstersIf you still have energy, how about running on lobster traps? The annual Great International William Atwood Lobster Crate Race challenges you to navigate a string of 50 partially submerged lobster crates without falling into the water. Thousands of people gather to watch as a few brave souls skip and run and hop and squeal their way across the tightrope of slippery, floating lobster traps. Regular festival attendees will tell you that if you start to fall, make it a good one. The crowd loves a creative exit into the water!

If art is your focus, visit the Fine Art Tent to browse the local artist creations or check out the nearby Craft Tent filled with crafts from local Maine people. The festival also offers music of every kind, every day, even from major headliners. Some music events require advanced ticket purchase, so be sure to plan ahead.

Maine Lobster Festival Crafts TentMany people who attend the Maine Lobster Festival come with their families since there are so many activities for kids. The Children’s Tent offers a variety of activities such as: Cod Fish Carry, Diaper Derby, and Lobster Eating. Kids are also invited to be part of the “opening act” for the adult road race. The Kids’ Fun Run is a one-mile run down Rockland’s Main Street.

The festival also includes a pageant where local young women compete for the title of “Maine Sea Goddess.” Once crowned, the Maine Sea Goddess is awarded with an array of scholarships and prizes, and continues to represent the state of Maine, as well as the lobstering industry, for the entire year at events throughout New England. The goddess’ first task, however, is to wave from the Maine Lobster Festival Parade. The parade, which takes place on Saturday morning, usually draws close to 25,000 spectators.

Maine Lobster Festival PageantThe Maine Lobster Festival has "Hometown Day" on Wednesday from noon – 10 p.m. Admission is $5 for adults, $2 for children (ages 6-12), and free for children under five. Admission on Thursday through Saturday is $8 for adults, $2 for children (ages 6-12), and free for children under five. Sunday is “Family Fun Day,” and admission is free for everyone. Parking is limited, but free shuttle buses are available from Rockland High School and Rockland Middle School parking lots. For more information on tickets and event happenings, please visit http://www.mainelobsterfestival.com



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