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About TakeMe2 Rockland Maine

The Number One Resource for Local Travel Planning

TakeMe2 was founded in September 2009 by Maine travel and Internet experts with backgrounds in traditional advertising, web marketing, web design and development, social media and information technology. TakeMe2 is a start-up, managed by a team of professionals who share a passion for both the web and small business. Our primary product is the TakeMe2 online local travel guide.


At TakeMe2, we believe that most online travel directories fall short on delivering good and relevant content because they are often too broad in geographic context to be truly useful for travel planning. A TakeMe2 travel guide specifically focuses on smaller regionally-based travel destinations publishing complete information about local activities and things to do and see including descriptions of all the local lodging properties, restaurants, and attractions in a specific location.


Our approach is to publish highly informative and user-friendly guides for travelers by delivering the most relevant and reliable local travel information possible about a specific regional travel spot. It is a key point of difference that separates us from the rest of the industry. We do not concentrate on large metropolitan or first-tier travel destinations. We concentrate on delivering the most complete information about a specific local travel area.


A TakeMe2 guide is not merely a collection of generic web links but a highly organized and detailed local travel resource. In essence, our travel guides are locally owned web properties operated by people genuinely interested in helping fellow travelers get access to the kind of quality information they need in order to make the right decisions when planning a trip. Who hasn’t felt a bit lost trying to pick a hotel, motel or inn, with little information and no visuals to help? Or disappointed by the lack of specific information about important points of interest or local area attractions? TakeMe2 guides provide visitors with a complete, objective informational resource about a specific local travel destination including area attractions, lodging accommodations, restaurants, shopping experiences and area excursions and other points of interest. Simply put, TakeMe2 offers travelers a one-stop resource for local travel information before they go.


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TakeMe2 Communications | 2 Main Street | Building 17 - Suite 301H | Biddeford, ME 04005 | 207-712-8595